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Bullhead City,Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley There Is Homeownership Available After A Foreclosure Or Short Sale

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

I have been getting a lot of questions from homeowners who are losing their homes to foreclosure and Short Sales and the question is always the same where will I live and who will rent to me since I have such a low credit score. Some rental companies will not hold it against you and others have credit requirements. There is life after foreclosure or Short Sale and it does not mean you will be homeless or have to settle for a lesser standard of living. Some of my clients have been preparing for the day they have to move on and still have the money tucked away that they did not pay their mortgage with and that makes the answer simple. Owner Financing and Owner will carry. In Mohave County there are 344 homes for sale with Owner Financing or Owner will carry the Note. In Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley there are 122 properties and most only require 10% down and you can still take advantage of the tax deduction on the interest paid. In Bullhead City there are homes on the Colorado River and in upscale neighborhoods,  Condos and Manufactured homes.

If you are looking to buy a house in the Bullhead City, Fort Mohave or Mohave Valley and have a cash down payment, but don’t want the hassle of dealing with banks and mortgage companies then Owner Finance is the place to find a home without needing to jump through all the hoops of normal lenders.

Benefits of Seller financing:

  • No bank qualifying.
  • Credit challenged OK!
  • Approximately 10% or more is best for down payment
  • Great alternative for those who don’t meet today’s strict mortgage qualification guidelines.
  • Affordable because of custom terms that work for you
  • No long waiting times for approvals
  • Terms are more fair and reasonable
  • No loan processing or guarantee fees
  • No invasive lender controls or audits
  • Ability to add substantial value by renovating and remodeling
  • No long approval process or complicated underwriting from mortgage companies
  • No escrow fees
  • You can negotiate flexible terms
  • All of the down payment cash is credit toward the purchase
  • No escrow account.  Taxes and insurance are paid monthly as you go
  • Easy approval
  • Won’t interfere with your ability to purchase other property because of too many mortgages.

If you would like a free list of these homes or to make an apointment  to see some of these properties please call or e-mail me anytime  pamela@pamelamello.com (E-Mail)   928-219-9155 (Cell)

Market Recap

  • Avg. Sales Price: 128.500

  • Avg. Days on Market: 45

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