Are investors still flipping houses in Atlanta, GA???

I’ve received this question probably 5 or 6 times this week already.  The answer to the question is a surprising yes!  Many unseasoned investors and/or newbie investors are scared of the thought of flipping houses in Metro Atlanta in this market and understandably so.  If you keep up with all the negativity in the media it would be enough to make you think the world is about to end, but alas life does go on.

There are a few reasons to believe why these investors are having success.

  • The homes are being purchased at the right price
  • Well-known school districts are still in high demand
  • The rehabs are being done above and beyond
  • They are being priced aggressively on the back end

These are just some of the contributing factors we have seen with real estate investors still having success in today’s market.   If we sit back and look at Atlanta as a whole — it is still one of the most popular places for people from the midwest and northeast to move to.  The city offers a lot of enterprise with good opportunity.  Even if the unemployment rate is still high we must realize this is still Atlanta that has some of the most fortune 500 companies of any city in the US.

Eventhough the media is doom the gloom — the world still goes on and considering Atlanta is one of the top ranked cities where buying is cheaper than renting…you better believe people still need houses to move into.  Given the proper guidance of where and what to purchase coupled with expertise of contractors getting the job done right at investor friendly prices — you can believe there’s still a market.  We see it every day.

Happy Investing,

The Networth Realty Team

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