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Seven Steps to Lowering Your Property Taxes

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Given the current economy, saving money is on every ones mind. One way to save money is to take steps to lower the property tax on you home. In the United States, sixty percent of all taxable property is over assessed. Therefore, take these seven steps to decrease your home’s property tax and save money.

1. Find out how your county calculates home value. Find out whether they calculate value based on the value of surrounding homes or the cost to rebuild a home in your area.

2. Check your property card. Make sure the information about your home is recorded properly on the card.

3. Compare your property with similar homes in your area

4. Evaluated assessed value v.s. market value

5. Build your evidence. Compare what you find about your home after you have fully assessed all the characteristics of your home with those of similar surrounding properties.

6. Set up an appointment with a professional assessor

7. Finally, appeal your tax assesment

To view the full video and to recieve more information on the topic, click this link and watch the full video: http://manage.top5inrealestate.com/videos/preview/55

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