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ROOF ICE DAM / SNOW REMOVAL contractors in Bloomington MN and surrounding Twin Cities Metro

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Has the fun of ice cycles in a winter wonderland now turned to concern for your roof? It’s winter in Bloomington MN as well as throughout the Twin Cities metro and, if you don’t pay attention to those ice dams now, you may be seeing water leaks on your inside walls. 

I’m currently putting together a list of names and contact info for contractors who can help here in the Mpls / St Paul area.  With the wonderful networking we do as realtors these are names that have been passed along to me from other agents, all within the past few weeks. Please note: I’m not endorsing or guaranteeing any contractor’s work. I just thought it time worthy to compile this list for my clients or anyone who is in need. 

If you’re in need of a contractor who can help, just leave me a message here in the right hand column where it says “Ask Me A Question”. Leave me your name and email address and drop me a quick note that says you need Roof Ice Dam / Snow Removal Contractor names.  I’d be happy to send my compiled list out to you.

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