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The Palmetto Commerce Parkway is open for traffic! Summerville, SC

The Palmetto Commerce Parkway, Summerville, SC!!

The Palmetto Commerce Parkway is almost 6 miles long and connects Ladson Rd with Ashley Phosphate Rd.  Before the opening of this much needed road the only major traffic ways between Ladson Rd and Ashley Phosphate Rd  were I-26 and Dorchester Rd.  I frequent this area quite a bit and I can already tell you that the traffic on Dorchester Rd is much better!  The Parkway looks amazing as well!  Upon entering from Ladson Rd the first thing you notice are the tall Palm trees all along the median and sides of the road.  There is a walking/bike path that extends the length of the road as well.  The wide lanes and moderate speed limit of 45 mph keeps traffic moving well.  The drive is easy and quite enjoyable!

                The project cost a total of $36 Million, funded by the Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax, and is credited with bringing many large businesses to the area, such as, Daimler Vans Manufacturing, Cummins Turbo Diesel, Boeing’s Interiors Fabrication Facility and Shimano!  Driving along the parkway you can see other large buildings currently being constructed as well.  North Charleston officials say that by the year 2030 there will be upwards of 16,000 vehicles on the parkway PER DAY!!!    “The Palmetto Commerce Parkway runs right through one of the most heavily industrial development area in the County, and it will provide a better mode of transportation to get workers to those industries”, said R. Keith Summey, Mayor of North Charleston.

                From a real estate point of view this is wonderful news!  The economic growth spurred by the construction of this new parkway will also make the residential properties in the area seem more appealing as well.  Areas such as Wescott Plantation, located just off the Palmetto Commerce Parkway, will become much more appealing because of its newly found ease of access to all major roads in the area!  It’s my belief that we are going to see a lot more buyers interested in this area.  While this might not necessarily directly increase the value of the properties in the area, I believe it certainly makes the properties more appealing!

                The Palmetto Commerce Parkway truly is a beautiful and very welcome addition to North Charleston!  Pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the local economy, and pleasing to your commute, I really can’t wait to see what else the parkway will bring to the area!

 For more stories about the Palmetto Commerce Parkway check out the links below!

Charleston County Online:

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