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Is it hard to get my real estate license? What is the process?

In the United States and many foreign countries, the law requires that a person who is selling or brokering real estate for another party hold a real estate license in order to conduct business and collect a profit. Obtaining this license does take some time and commitment, but it is not too difficult. It will, however, require money to pay for a series of necessary fees.

The exact process and specific requirements for a real estate license vary from state to state. There are a few consistent stages, however. All those wishing to acquire a license must attend some type of training course. Usually, this is an actual class at a community college or other center. The required number of hours ranges from 45 to 180.

After the training classes are complete, then a real estate exam must be passed. This exam is not free. After passing the real estate exam, then another fee must be paid to the state in order to obtain the official license. Usually before the exam, but not always, the candidate must find a broker to sponsor them. This has to be someone who already has their license and is in good standing.

With an official license and a sponsor, now the real estate agent must register themselves with the local board of realtors. It is at this time that the new real estate agent may begin selling property.

Some states require that agents continue their education while working in order to renew their real estate license. It is not difficult to get a real estate license, but it will take a fair amount of work to be truly successful in the profession.

For more information about obtaining a real estate license in Smyrna TN (and surrounding areas) or the process involved, please call.

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    James is the best resourse for anyone looking to get into real estate in the Smyrna or LaVergne area. Good Job James as always

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    Outstanding James – you are the best for advice on Smyrna

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    James is without a doubt the best trainer in Smyrna area

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