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How Much Is Guaranteed Business Worth to You?

Featured City Experts receive an absolute guarantee for results.   That's more than you get from fliers!

Inside Real Estate is the Secret Weapon for Today's Agent

Ever wondered how you ended up in the lower-producing 20%?

Are you trying to get ahead of those couple other agents in your city?

The truth is, there are plenty of agents hitting very large numbers through Real Estate blogs.

But, the last thing you want to go and do is get a free blog and try and pull a do-it-yourself marketing campaign... Good luck there.
Inside Real Estate Blogs allow you to maximize your money-making potential by allowing you to focus on your core business - Real Estate.

We GUARANTEE that this will be successful for you

IRE is dedicated to building value for each of our Experts. This means that we give you a GUARANTEE to have success with the expert blog.

All you need to do is follow our simple system:

Expert Real Estate Blogging System
  • Set aside 30-45 minutes per week
  • Choose a topic from the recommended topics list - or just choose your own
  • Submit the written post (usually 2-3 paragraphs) to your Blog Review Assistant
  • Work Real Estate 2.0 Style!

To get to the point, to do it right, don't use a free blog platform for your real estate business blog.

With the importance of blogging for a real estate business growing daily, the style, format and capabilities of your blog become critical. It's easy to succumb to the free solutions out there... Much of [what I've done] would not have been possible with a free blog platform.

By James Kimmons Link to Article

Check out the Features Below

Inside Real Estate Expert Blogs are created for Real Estate Experts from around the nation.

These blogs are tailored to attracting and converting customers.

Below you will find a table of some of the highest-valued features on the Inside Real Estate System. Further down on the page is a detailed breakdown of those benefits.

The benefit that makes this blog irreplaceable is the Expert Network that each blog is a part of. This ensures that each Expert gets top Search Engine rankings simply by blogging once per week.


Professional Real Estate Blog
Expert Network Position
Real Estate Blog Consulting
SEO Blog Optimization
Blog Management
Blog Support
Listing Management
Ghost Writer
Personalized Domain/URL

Professional Real Estate Blog
  • Professionally Designed Real Estate Blog
  • Real Estate Tools & Widgets
  • Valuable Consumer Tools (Mortgage Calc, etc)
  • Featured Listings
  • Premium Design + SEO Templates
  • Premium Real Estate Tools Package
  • Lead Gathering Functions

We create a professionally designed and optimized real estate blog with multiple real estate tools designed to help you gather more leads and execute more sales.

Expert Network Position
  • Strength of Experts Nationwide
  • Exclusive Exposure to Network Traffic
  • Top Search-Engine Placement
  • Drive Business Through Exposure / Reputation

You'll be placed in our expert network qualified real estate professionals with whom you can communicate, transfer referrals and ask for opinions or advice—this is good old-fashioned networking. The other great thing is this network helps power your search engine results and gives you more online exposure.

Real Estate Blog Consulting
  • 1-on-1 Blog Consulting
  • Blogging Results Guides
  • Tips & Tricks Emails
  • Blogging Advice & Opinions

After we set up your blog, we'll set up a time for a live phone conversation with one of our blog specialists. They will walk you through your blog just to make sure you will get the most from the network. Also, you will receive advice and weekly emails containing blogging tips and hints on how to grow your business through your blog.

SEO Blog Optimization
  • RSS Feeds
  • Email Subscription Forms
  • Optimized Blog Templates
  • Article Editing and Optimization
  • Optimization Support for:
    • Link-Building
    • External Articles
    • Press-Releases
    • RSS-Feeds
    • Blog Marketing

Search engine results. Every agent knows a little bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but most times it is hard to actually implement it into their marketing efforts. The nice thing is, we help you edit and optimize your blog and your articles, as well as implement other tactics to help your blog gain online exposure.

Blog Management
  • Personal Dashboard
  • "Hands-Off" Blog Management
  • Blog Article Editing
  • Comment/Question Mediation
  • Direct Lead Distribution

That's right—hands off management. You submit your articles and we do the editing. Also, any emails, comments, or questions go through our mediation process first to ensure that spam or any other unwanted content doesn't make it to your inbox.

Blog Support
  • FAQ's
  • Live Blog Support Representatives
  • Technical Support Staff

Need some help writing your next article? Have a question about your blog's functions? Every member has access to live blog support.

Listing Management

  • Twitter Account Setup/Support
  • Facebook Account Setup/Support
  • RSS Reader Setup/Support
  • Social Media General Support

Heard about the other social media buzz? We'll help you setup your own account with the listed platforms. In addition to that, we show you how to use them and integrate them into your blog.

Ghost Writer
  • 1-5 Real Estate Articles/Week
  • Topics of Your Choice
  • Local or National Topics
  • Completely "Hands-Off"

Want to have a blog but can't find the time to write? We'll help you! Our ghost writer service can write 1-5 articles per week on real estate topics of your choice!

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