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100% Service-Connected Viet Nam-era Disabled Veteran in Ft. Lauderdale Owns with No-No Loan!

Vietnam Era Veterans experienced the ravages of jungle warfare and came back to the United States and for a very long time were denied their rightful benefits for health care, including the treatment for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Many veterans are experiencing the after-affects of Agent Orange which include Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

However, after many long battles with the VA and many denials, more and more veterans are receiving their money for their disability claims.

The good news is that I have Veterans who have used their monthly checks from their 100% Service-connected Disability to qualify for a home of their own.   Imagine the joy when I was able to give the keys to a retired Army Paratrooper for a home of his own using the No-No Loan!

After Mr. Anderson returned from Vietnam, he was able to secure a position working in county government where he served until he retired.  He put in a disability claim once he began to experience major discomfort directly related to his time in the service.   Year after year he kept pushing as his doctor visits increased and more and more documentation was proving he had serious ailments related to his time as a Paratrooper in Vietnam.

Finally, his claim came through and he received a lump sum, retroactive money payment from the date of his original claim and on-going payments of over $2,600 a month from the VA.  He added that to his county government pension and his social security pension and he qualified for a significant monthly housing payment.

Mr. Anderson will not be required to pay property taxes in Florida because he is 100% permanently and totaled disabled, which will reduce his monthly payment once he files with the property tax appraiser.

We were able to find a home that was recently renovated by an investor who was willing to pay all Mr. Anderson’s closing costs.   He did not have to pay the VA funding fee because he is 100% service-connected disabled veteran.  The insurance company waited to be paid for the homeowner’s insurance policy at the closing.

The house had been previously tented and treated for termites, so Mr. Anderson received a one year warranty just in case any evidence of live termites show up in the next 12 months.

The house inspection turned up a need for the screens on the back porch to be repaired, some rotted fascia to be replaced and the electricity seemed to be faulty.   The investor repaired the screens and the rotted wood and found that Florida Power and Light needed to upgrade the electricity coming from the main electric pole into the house.

We were able to close on the house in 30 days with Mr. Anderson’s No-No Loan, including brand new appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and microwave.

Imagine a Vietnam War veteran coming into his golden years finally able to realize the benefit of his combat duty for his country!  Contact The Home Lady for more information.

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