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How I Love (thee)… Keller Williams

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Let me count the ways…

Every time I turn around I’m telling my Assistant, Samina:  “That’s why I came to Keller Williams.”  When I first made the decision to come here, I thought it was a handful of very important items.  Now I recognize just how often I say it.  So, … “How Do I Love Thee, Let me count the ways”:

1 the location
2 the building
3 the cleanliness
4 the structure
5 the Team Leader
6 the Realtors
7 the family (Team)
8 the teaching
9 the support
10 the meetings
11 the classes
12 the sharing
13 the team building
14 the profit sharing
15 the technology – e-Edge
16 the passive, willable income

17 kw cares (Be sure to ask me what this is!)

Oh, and by the way, Buyers and Sellers, a happy Realtor is a Happy Realtor — you’ll enjoy working with us!

Agents – If you ultimately choose to work with Keller Williams Realty anywhere inside the country, or internationally, because of my BLOG, please list me as your Sponsor when you sign the paperwork.  The email address to use for this is:  Thank you!

Do you want to know more?  Don’t hesitate to email me:, click here to visit my website; or, call me today at 949-929-6343.  Oh, by the way, I apologize ahead of time because you’ll need to leave a message as I’ll either be in my Team Meeting or listening to a $20 Million producer give us a class on how he works…

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I Looked Forward to Coming to Work at KW Today!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Can you say that?

Sunday, I recognized that I haven’t been this excited about going to ‘work‘ on Monday, ever, … at least that I can remember; but, I was yesterday!! I couldn’t wait to start picking up the phone again to call my clients that I haven’t been in touch with by phone for some time; and, I must apologize to them.  I had become so accustomed to communicating by emails and texts, because it’s faster, and because it ‘seemed‘ that that was their preferred method of communication, and of course, I hate to interrupt people for a business call.  It’s really difficult for me to make it a ‘business‘ call because I consider my clients as friends and I’d rather just see how they’re doing, and it seems inappropriate to mix business and pleasure.

Getting in touch with my 5000 plus client base is all thanks to the recently begun 90 day challenge here in Newport Beach at my new Keller William’s office.  When I first got my license in ’92, I learned the business with the Sweathogs, Floyd Wickman program.  Nothing like ‘going back to basics!’ (Note to my clients:  It may take me a while to get through my list and I may not have your current phone number, so if you should happen to call me first, that’s okay!!)

Of course, this 90 day challenge has it’s own twists 20 years later, but what’s absolutely amazing is our group is growing rather than having Realtors drop off.  The leader of the group is absolutely amazing and a testament to the talent that this office has.

I’ve been giving it lots of thought about why I’m so happy at this office.  Besides getting in touch with my long-time clients, what’s equally as exciting is I’ve already had other Realtors contact me to determine if Keller Williams is right for them.

I have to say, one of the most important reasons to choose Keller Williams is that they believe in building a future for us as Realtors through their profit sharing plan. I’m certain, if you’re a Realtor reading this, that you can admit that you know many Realtors upon retiring that have nothing to show for their work. The Keller Williams program enables Realtors to have a future beyond selling Real Estate.

If you know me, you know that I have a loud voice.  I didn’t hesitate to tell Brock, my new Team Leader this fact, as I was concerned about the others around me.  My old office was more like a library and I didn’t want to get started on the wrong foot.  To my surprise, he said that was not a problem here.  Now that I’m here I can see why!  Everyone is sharing in each other’s success and we’re all pushing forward.

Agents – If you ultimately choose to work with Keller Williams Realty anywhere inside the country, or internationally, because of my BLOG, my kids and I would appreciate it if you would list me, Diane Gross, as your Sponsor when you sign the paperwork.  The email address to use for this is:  Thank you!

Feel free to contact me to find out how this works at 949-929-6343.  Don’t hesitate to visit my website by clicking here to see more about the KW products and services.  I need to get back to calling more of my ‘friends!’

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I Wasn’t Looking to Change Real Estate Brokerages Either!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Though this posting is meant for other Realtors, Buyers and Sellers will see right away why working with a Realtor representing Keller Williams Realty is to their advantage.  (For Buyers and Sellers reading this entry, you may wish to begin with the previous posting first.)

REALTORS, like probably most of you, I was not even looking to change Brokerages.  I loved Re/MAX, and the management has offered for me to come back at any time, so there are no ‘hurt’ feelings, and nothing occurred to make me angry causing me to leave.

I had been hearing from a KW manager in San Clemente over the past year.  Though I can’t even remember how we first came to know each other, I’ll bet he does.  Each time we talked, he kept making suggestions about how to further build my business.  (I do run my Real Estate work as a business and not just as an individual selling Real Estate; and, I’ve had lots of experience running small businesses.)  A few weeks ago, he asked me to meet him for lunch.  I told him straight up I was not going to leave Re/MAX, as I was very happy there, and I most certainly was not going to relocate to a San Clemente office as most of my business tends to fall around Irvine; however, I can’t tell you how impressive he was with his marketing knowledge, and I knew I’d pick up some more helpful information.  For me, not going to San Clemente was a very good decision.

In this most recent discussion, KW’s ‘old’ way of doing business that you may have heard of in the past … bringing Realtors into KW so you could make money on the ‘down rung’ never came up.  This is no longer KW’s big push.  The benefits are their support and the new E-Edge Advantage (see my previous Blog entry). However, I’ve since learned that earning money this way, through the company is willable and who wouldn’t want that for their kids.

The San Clemente manager recommended I come see his ‘good friend’ in Newport Beach.  I was so impressed with what I saw here, it was amazing!  I attended a very enthusiastic office meeting, a bit like the style of Anthony Robbins; and was invited to their holiday party without even joining.  The party was well attended and the enthusiasm was abundant!  Everyone wants to know you and help you get to where you want to go!  They even had a $20mil producer come up from San Diego and talk about how he works.  He will be presenting a class in January with no worries about someone ‘steeling’ his way of doing business!

The company offers progressive ways of marketing and is always looking to make adjustments to what they do, bettering your future.  I heard at my new Realtor Orientation class today that Nationally they run in the black and it’s evident in the way they run their offices.  Everyone is smiling!

Though I’m just getting set up at my new office in Newport Beach, CA and my website is not completely up and running, please feel free to visit my NEW company website by clicking here and see all the wonderful products offered!  Financially, I believe you’ll find the cost of working here very competitive.  If you want to contact me to discuss all the advantages, please do at 949-929-6343!  Since I’m still new to the company, I can readily inform you of the differences and advantages and there’s so much more I can tell you!  If you decide to interview with Keller Williams because of this Blog, I hope you’ll let me know you liked the information I provided.

Agents – If you ultimately choose to work with Keller Williams Realty anywhere inside the country, or internationally, because of my BLOG, my kids and I would appreciate it if you would list me, Diane Gross, as your Sponsor when you sign the paperwork.  The email address to use for this is:  Thank you!

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