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Tourist Seasons in Destin

Our snowbirds are getting ready to leave our Destin area and fly north. No, they are not the fine feather friends you often think of, they are the Canadians and others in the northern regions that come to our beautiful town of Destin to escape the cold and enjoy our beaches, rentals, and warm weather. They are the ones that keep our Destin rentals full and our business going during the “off season”. I put that in quotes because in reality, we don’t have any off seasons anymore. We seem to have a steady stream of visitors year round in Destin.

We are fortunate to have something for everyone here in Destin. When our Canadian friends leave, we get into the Spring Break season. For about two months, from March to April, we have the Spring breaker come to find Destin rentals. They are not just college students anymore either; we often get families with school age children who also want a break from school and also want to hit the Destin beaches and stay in their rentals before summer. Luckily for us, the school systems throughout the southeast stagger their spring breaks so we have more of a steady flow come to Destin rather than a deluge.

Of course we all know Florida is best in the summer when you can enjoy our white sands and Emerald green waters of the Gulf. All this is to say that those smart real estate buyers that purchase a Destin condo for their own vacation use have the added benefit of rental income when they are not using it. With the downturn in prices over the last 3 years, many are finding that they can actually pay for their condo out of their rental income, or as we say, have a positive cash flow from Destin rentals. In essence, they are vacationing for free in Destin. Wow, smart people! Yes, positive cash flows use to be a thing of the past, but are actually a reality now for many rental properties. I have several rentals on the market in Destin now!

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