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When is it Right to Buy a Home in the Portland Metro?

Monday, February 14th, 2011


Portland House Hunters

Portland, OR Buyers – Or Surrounding Areas!

You may have listened to or even read advice that proposes you ought to hold back until next year to own a property considering that prices may be anticipated to move quite possibly cheaper than they are now.

That may or may not be the case buying a home in the Portland Oregon Metro Area. Nevertheless even assuming values do drop even more, would it truly help you to postpone your purchase decision? You can find remarkable values available right now in many property markets regarding houses and investment houses. Bundle these amazing prices together with the low payments offered by incredibly low mortgage rates, and it has become obvious that there’s little or no legitimate advantage to holding off. 


Buying a Home in Oregon

Should I buy Now or Later

We will look into the issue of Buying a Home in the Portland Oregon Metro

None of us has knowledge about what is going to take place with valuesand / or when. It is possible many of these may be the most competitive prices in recent history, along with the still-low mortgage rates helps keep your actual monthly obligations economical.
Suppose prices proceed down, and yet interest rates get higher? Even if properties are listed lower, your current monthly installment could very well be larger for a similar house, as well as houses in the same price range.
For those who have a property to offer for sale before purchasing, everything is relative. Sure, it is also possible the asking price of the home you want to purchase might be less next seasonhowever , if it actually is, your home value will be lowered also. Therefore there will be a lesser amount of equity to use as a down payment, and thus a higher mortgage amount, when selecting your next house. This may mean a higher monthly mortgage payment.

The most important question to ask yourself is this: Do you imagine prices of properties in your area might go up or perhaps down when you intend to own your house? History shows that in most cities, prices for properties usually improve in time.Let’s imagine prices drop in the next year in the Portland Oregon Metro Area. How long are you planning to be in the house you purchase now? Three years? Five years? 10 years or maybe more? If you do not intend to put up for sale next year, it can be irrelevant whether or not prices rise or down within the next 12 months.

The truth is in most markets, including the Portland Oregon Metro Area, you can purchase a lot of home for the investment, together with lower payments, right now
Feel free to contact me anytime day or night.  Your feedback is appreciated and your business is as well…remember to let us know you found us on the blog and get a free gift or listing discount!

Tax Credit is Gone! What Now, Why Buy?

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010




 More Reasons than 1

So now that the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit is gone, people ask me “Dave, why should I buy a home?” There are so many reasons to buy a home and if you missed the $8000 tax credit and think that buying a home is not as important now…keep reading and see why it is still the best time to buy now!

Out of all the reasons to buy a home in today’s market, one reason or another will mean more to you than someone else, so I will simply put my top five reasons to buy a home, the first two are why to buy a home Today!

1. Low Interest Rates – I used to be a mortgage broker and never have I seen rates this low. Right now you can get an FHA or Conventional Mortgage for under 5% and VA is offering 4.5% for 30 year fixed! There are also rates under 4% for 5 year Fixed Mortgages. If I could buy more homes I would.

2. Home Values – Right now homes are the lowest they are going to be and combined with low interest rates it’s only a matter of time that they will start to increase as people start taking advantage of these rates. We have already seen an increase in home values this year and there are less people loosing their homes to foreclosures. That means it is only going to get better. Slowly, but better.

3. Security – I remember as a child growing up in several homes because my parents never owned a home. We always rented and that caused a lot of stress on my Dad because we literally had to move every year. I was never in the same home for over a year because either the seller wanted to increase rents, move back in, sell the home, or he had not made payments and the home was sold at auction. Even though I had a great childhood, I never had those height lines on my bedroom door for every year, or those same friends in the same school district. Today I completely appreciate the fact that I can live in my home without the fear of increasing rent rates or being told that I can’t renew my rental agreement. My son, I hope, will always have the same friends and live in the same house.

4. Tax Deductions – I was so amazed at how much interest I was writing off with a purchase money mortgage. Today’s Rates are the best I’ve seen in Years! If you purchased a home today for $250,000 even at 5% you would be able after one year to deduct over $12,000! The monthly payment (not including taxes and insurance) would be less than $1400 a month. Have you seen what you can get now for $250K! Call me today and I can let you know what you can expect pending how much you can afford to purchase. If you’re renting, you know that it is just going in the owners pocket and he is getting the benefits.

5. Investment – When I purchased my first home in 2004 I bought it for $166,000 and that included closing costs. It of course has gone up and down with the housing bubble, but even still, today it is valued at $180K…so even with the ups and the downs, Real Estate will always go up. My brother bought a home in 1999 for $125K that is now worth roughly $200K. If he sold it today that would pay for two college educations! Think about that!

When you’re ready to buy, or sell, please make sure you contact Dave and Jeremy for up to date information on the market as well as expert marketing and negotiating. We understand the entire process and can refer you to great mortgage brokers and other industry professionals!


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