Garbett Homes

Garbett Homes

Garbett Homes History

When you purchase a Garbett home you’re not only buying a home, you are buying into a lifestyle choice that allows you more flexibility with your time. Garbett communities are built within walking distance to essential amenities and recreational activities. Garbett communities offer maintenance-free landscaped areas for all to enjoy, and residents love the benefits of “locking and leaving” their home when they go out of town, knowing that their investment will be completely maintained in their absence.

Garbett Homes was started in 1988 by Bryson Garbett. In the twenty plus years that they have been building homes they have been awarded “Community of the Year” awards multiple times. Garbett Homes offers affordable homes built with style and class in mind. Garbett also offers the most up-to-date technology and design available. Take for example The Solaris Collection at Daybreak. Garbett has teamed up with internationally renowned KTGY architects to design and build Utah’s first truly affordable solar-powered home!

Garbett’s efforts to be on the leading edge of technology and design are evident in every community they build, and it has helped Garbett gain a solid reputation among Utah real estate professionals. Contact us today and we can help you establish which Garbett Home community is right for you.

Garbett Homes Communities

Salt Lake County Communities

  • Sandy (The Heights on Quarry Bend)
  • South Jordan (The District, Daybreak)
  • West Valley City (Arbor Square in Highbury)

News From Garbett Homes

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Garbett Homes Experts

Working with the RedSign Team when building your new Garbett Homes home will save you time, money, and frustration. Our real estate experts know the ins and outs of working with all Utah Builders. We are up to date on all builder incentive offers, and can let you know if those incentives will actually cost you money in the long run. Our number one objective is to help you find the home that is perfect for you, no matter the location. Best of all, having the RedSign team as your advocate when building a home costs you absolutely nothing. Contact us today and let’s start the process of building your dream home together!

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Real Estate Blog


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    For many people and for many reasons, buying a home is better than renting a home. In many communities, the inventory of houses to rent is limited, whereas there’s likely to be a large variety of houses on the market …

  • Steps For Selling

    Here are four simple steps to get you started on the process of selling your home.

    1. Call us. Typically you will want to get in touch with us 1-3 months before you want to list your home. We will provide you with a price opinion of what your home might sell for and an estimate of what your “net” proceeds would be at closing after all customer seller expenses, closing costs, real estate commissions and loan balances are paid. We can also consult with you and give you specific recommendations on what needs to be done to prepare your home for a timely sale to help you realize the highest price and net to you.

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    We all know that Utah is great, what with the skiing, breathtaking views, friendly people, etc. But we all might be being kind of biased, since we live here. I thought it would be interesting to see what the world thinks of different cities in Utah. There are dozens of lists out there for “best places to live for singles” “best places to raise a family” etc. For this list though, I checked out CNN Money’s “Best Places to Live” list. Here is what I found:

  • Routine Maintanence

    Oh baby, it’s cold outside! The really unfortunate thing though is that for the past week or so it has been far colder inside of our house. We decided to kick on the furnace last week as the temperatures were dropping. I heard the clicks, smelt that “first run of the season” furnace smell, and heard the heater kick on. Then I went to bed. I can’t remember what I started out dreaming, but eventually my dreams turned to things like ice cream, eventually followed by sledding and snow angels, but then my dream turned in to a nightmare of being stranded in a blizzard and slowly freezing to death. I woke up with a shiver. And then I couldn’t stop shivering. It was FREEZING in our house. I went and checked the thermostat, the little red line was down as low as it cold go, though I had set it for 68dgs.