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Does Your Entrance Say Welcome or Walk Away?

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

From the moment a potential buyer steps through the threshold of your home, they’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s inside. From the grass lawn care, to the paint on the door, to the smell of fresh cut flowers in the foyer – everything adds up. With a little effort, you can create a home viewing experience buyers won’t soon forget.

It’s all about the entrance

To a buyer, little things go a long way. Adding a dash of color to the front door, replacing the hall mat, baking before an open house and making sure the floor, walls and mirrors are spotless will all ensure your home gets off on the right foot with potential buyers.

Every room counts

When you walk into your home, you can probably see more than just the entranceway. If you have an airy and open space, consider adding common elements that will draw the viewer’s attention from one room to the next – a great way to give your home added continuity.

Clear the clutter

Coat racks are a staple in most homes. Doesn’t mean you want to show yours off during an open house. To add size to the front area, lose the hats, shoes, coats and jackets. For furniture, make sure it fits in the space and is more than a great aid for tying hard-to-reach shoelaces.

Make flooring your forte

Is the laminate in your 70-year-old bungalow a turn-off? Sellers should strive to make the entrance as welcoming as possible–that includes getting rid of any flooring or materials that dramatically dates your décor. Before listing a property, you should consider making some minor remodel upgrades. Because the front hall is normally a smaller space, it may be a good place to invest some extra effort and give it a more modern appeal.

Get a handle on it

What’s the first thing people touch when walking into your home? If your door handle is in need of a polish or needs to be changed, it may be worth hiring a handyman to install a quality piece of hardware. If the door jams or squeaks, give it some TLC before you throw the welcome sign on the front lawn. There is nothing more embarrassing than a home in disrepair.

Mirrors and artwork

If the entrance is small, a mirror can create a trick of the eye and expand the space. A powerful piece of contemporary art can also create a memorable entrance for a purchaser. Whichever you choose, remember the first impression is the one that lasts. Take the time to ensure that every potential homebuyer feels welcomed when walking in.

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